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Kunstwinder is a company that manufactures luxury watch accessories and then sells them online.


  • Expand the company’s online presence within a year and therefore increase sales.
  • Enhance a website’s user-friendliness.
  • Improve search rankings.


We navigated through the entire website and helped to restructure it, rephrase content, and add keywords.

In addition to incorporating SEO on the site, we used Google Adwords to create PPC campaigns. Each month, we run the relevant keywords and evaluate the amount of traffic on the website and visitors’ demographics.

We used Rankinity to measure client’s rankings across several search engines and as a result, online visibility increased from 4% to 36%. Now, the website can be found within the first five pages of search results.

Our company was looking for a combination graphic designer/software developer to create a stadium-style scoreboard. After looking through reviews and recommendations, we initially contacted five different companies. more

- Matt L. -

I reached out to Cider after doing a search on Yelp for a mobile app dev shop. After reaching out to a few companies, I settled on Cider. Liked their approach and an option of a Discovery phase for my idea. more

- Erast B. -

Cider has been a trusted partner and instrumental in rolling out a number of Salesforce implementation projects for our consulting business. They always deliver on their promises and provide outstanding services. more

- Daniel R. -

Cider reached out to me for the graphic design of my jewel case and cd covers, within an hour of my request, . Even though Ilya told me this was a little out of what they did, he would give it a stab. more

- Carol P. -

We approached Cider to build out our website. Being careful we took our time in discussing the project. Mike took us through the whole process of cementing our requirements and developing the first version of the site. more

- Vlad K. -

Facing significant issues with our original developers our iOS app was delayed from being released by 8 months. Via a recommendation we connected with team Cider and provided them access to our existing build. more

- SF G. -

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