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The top 5 marketing tips to attract traffic to your winery website and more customers to your door!

Selling wine has never been easy!  Hundreds of thousands of wineries across the world are all competing for the same market. Sure, it’s a massive global market, but you really have to learn to stand out if you want to secure and increase your customer base.  Every new winery popping up believes they have something

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SEO: Do it yourself or hire an agency?

According to recent research, startups are keen to invest time and budget in SEO. At the same time, they do not tend to develop a long-term strategy first, and only 8% of them hire an agency or an independent consultant. This means even though SMBs are willing to spend their time and money on SEO, they are not ready for long-term investments since SEO seems to be full of uncertainty and slow results.

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