The Future is Online. Interview with 6 Pack Fitness – a leading company in the fitness industry

Cider CEO Ilya Lipovich is interviewing our clients – Gera Rivkin, CEO of 6 Pack Fitness and Misha Breyburg, Founder and CCO of 6 Pack Fitness.
Visit 6 Pack Fitness website: 0:06 – 6 Pack Fitness company overview 2:24 – How Cider helps 6 Pack Fitness to drive the eCommerce side of the business. 5:15 – The role website plays in company’s marketing strategy 6:24 – Trends in eCommerce fitness space 8:40 – Pitfalls you should be aware of, choosing a platform for eCommerce website 11:53 – Omnichannel marketing strategy 14:04 – Pitfalls in working with a software development company 17:55 – Project management 22:26 – The process of making right marketing decisions 26:06 – Digital Marketing & Sales tools 28:56 – What has changed since the beginning of our partnership?

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